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What about mangrove wood, honey and restoration in Lamu?

Our research activities continue, and this time bringing in new students for their fieldwork at Lamu: Katana Baya, Msc. Student (UoN), Tashrifa Mohammed, Msc. Student (Pwani University) and Jamila Ahmed, PhD at UoN. Researchers from different partner institutions (Dr. Linus Wekesa and Henry Komu from KEFRI, Dr. Musili Mutuku from NMK and Dr. Juliana Prosperi […]

First Community Assessment – Lamu Island

This four day (25th to 28th November 2019) first community assessment mission was a follow-up from the scientific workshop and field visit that took place between 11th and 13th of September 2019. The main aim of the mission was to bring together local communities involved directly in any segment of the mangrove value chain to […]

First Research Workshop – Lamu Island

Ecosystem services rendered to people by the mangroves are directly affected by fishing, nesting of many fish species, access to firewood, tourism, education, research, protection and stabilization of the coastline, fixation of pollutants, and carbon storage. To mitigate the human activity on mangrove and enhance its conservation, it is necessary to have a better understanding […]

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