Mikoko Project: Conservation & Resilience of Kenya's Mangrove Forests

Covid -19 Efforts – IRD

IRD has distributed more than 5,000 masks to partners of the Mikoko project on the conservation of mangroves in Lamu.

Cooperative actions for sustainable development are the first to be affected by the health threat to capacity building activities which include research, training and education and the exchange of knowledge.

As soon as COVID-19 started to hit Kenya, the FSPI-Mikoko project , led by the French research institutes IRD and CIRAD and the Kenya Forest Service, ensured the acquisition and distribution of masks among all groups of women project partners in Lamu, on the Kenyan coast.

All information is available on the IRD website, https://en.ird.fr/covid-19-mask-distribution-community-based-partners-lamu

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